Saturday, August 18, 2007

requesting etiquette

You lot really do take "requesting" to heart. Sorry for the late replies to emails, as we're swamped with so many requests. Sorting through the mail takes a bit of time, so we've decided to give some tips on requesting.

Again like it says in the FAQ, not all model requests will be fulfilled for numerous reasons...
When requesting a model; consider this:
  • Language Barrier: Not all models are comfortable with reading/writing/speaking in English. So if you request some Mongolian model, please understand that we don't speak multiple languages and the interview will most likely NOT happen due to the language barrier.
  • Be Realistic: When you request a model for example Adriana Lima, remember that we are nothing more than a humble little blog. Unless out of the kindness of their supermodel hearts, only then will they give us an interview.
  • Chill Out: Please refrain from emailing us a new request every single day.

*Make sure that when you email us your request you include their last name and all agencies you know they belong to. We can't be bothered to find "John" out of the slew of models.
*Also, requests sent at the end of the month will not be responded to for some time, as we're on holiday in late August/early September
Tak! Gracias! Merci! Danke! Tack! Obrigado!
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